Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation


If your organization is busier than ever “digitizing,” you’re not alone. Digital efforts have been proliferating for years as companies strive to catch up with technological innovation. Covid-19 massively accelerated the pace, as many of our most basic activities, from grocery shopping to “going to work” moved online.

However, this accelerated wave of digital initiatives must not be confused with the real business transformation needed for success in the digital age. The former is mostly about enabling business as usual and “staying in the game,” while the latter is about building real, long-term competitive advantage to succeed.

Despite so much energy and investment in digitization, we are hearing many executives express concern that they are actually falling behind on making the important choices that lead to differentiation. They’re right to worry, because winning in the post-Covid world will require re-imagining not just how you work, but also what you do to create value in the digital era. No matter how many digital initiatives you implement, you can’t expect to win by being the same as your competitors — and they’re are all doing similar things, albeit at different speeds.

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