Bia Hoi | The Budget Beer of Vietnam

Sure, it seems a little sketchy to buy beer from a guy tapping a keg on a Hanoi street corner, but it’s actually totally legit. Besides, at 5,000 Vietnamese dong (VND)—about 22 cents U.S.—what do you have to lose? Bia Hoi is a traditional low-alcohol beer that’s brewed fresh daily and brought to the street vendors via Vietnam’s ever-present motorbikes. Grab your plastic cup of brew and settle into the child-sized plastic lawn furniture set up on the sidewalk to watch the fascinating street life. As the day gets later the sidewalk turns into a low-key social experience, as inexpensive Bia Hoi is a favorite with the backpacker crowd. Expats sit around in their tiny chairs sharing travel stories and recommendations while cheaply working up a low-grade buzz.

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