Corona: Beer Vs Virus

Shut pubs and a lack of social contact have changed the view of a ‘socially acceptable’ amount and time to drink. Has the pandemic affected our relationship with alcohol? And, is student drinking culture changing as a result?  Drink if you’re in a pandemic It is possible that people are drinking during lockdown due to lack of structure to their day; a beer in the evening could help differentiate between working hard and playing hard. Not to mention the obvious; students have had much more free time due to online learning and nowhere to go – thus alcohol can alleviate some boredom.   Stress. It’s everywhere these days. According to a survey1 in 5 British people have been drinking more over lockdown and stress has been cited as the main reason behind this. So, what is the issue? Needless to say, drinking during tough times will only enhance the negative emotions we’re trying to forget (be that anxiety, loneliness or depression), and may lead to the potential development of further mental and physical health issues.  

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