Big beer brewers expect home-use gadgets to increase business

Major brewers are catering to new drinking trends during the pandemic by offering a dream appliance for imbibers: home beer taps. Under the business plan, consumers can lease draft beer dispensers and receive regular deliveries of the beverage. Drinking at home has increased as restaurants and bars have closed earlier and authorities are advising the public against holding parties to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. “The beer market has gradually been shrinking but the environment has begun to change due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and other factors,” Takayuki Fuse, president of Kirin Brewery Co., said at a news conference in Tokyo on March 8. “By taking on a new challenge, we will render the whole market much more appealing.” That day, Kirin announced it will start its Home Tap program on a full scale. Customers who receive a specialized faucet free of charge can have draught beer in 1-liter containers delivered twice a month to their homes.

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