Diageo to invest $80m to scale up RTD production

Diageo is investing in the ready-to-drink (RTD) market, and has plans to expand is production capability by installing high-speed canning lines at a new facility in Planfield, Illinois.

The move will give Diageo the ability to produce more than 25 million cases of its RTD products every year. The 225,000 sqft site will be equipped with two canning lines, one capable of producing 500 cans per minute, while the other can make 1,200. Diageo hopes to have the site ready for commercial production by this summer. President of Diageo North America, Debra Crew, said: “As the ready-to-drink category continues to grow rapidly in the United States, this expansion is very exciting as it will support our plans to meet increased consumer demand in line with emerging trends for convenient formats that are ideal for casual and at-home occasions. The new operation will supplement our existing ready-to-drink production across North America and strengthen our path to continue building our RTD offering.”

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