Transparent supply chains: IT security moves into focus

Those who manage complex supply chains must keep an eye on all ongoing activities. The use of digital technologies promises transparency in real time – the vision of the transparent supply chain is close at hand. However, maximizing digital interconnections also increases the risk of cyber attacks. Transparency and IT security should therefore go hand in hand – a fact that is also confirmed by the Hermes barometer “Transparency in the supply chain”.

Tracking freight as well as information about the current whereabouts or the estimated time of arrival are important success factors of a well-founded supply chain management. With the increasing digitization of supply networks, forecasts are also becoming more accurate.

After all, modern algorithms draw increasingly accurate conclusions from a wealth of data and enable companies to achieve supply chain transparency in real time. For example, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to predict freight arrival times so that delays no longer necessarily lead to long waits at loading docks or disrupt production chains, causing unnecessary additional costs.

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