ancient malt and ale : lost blogs #1: prehistoric brewing

Lost blogs? What might they be? I thought it would be fun to look at and review the blogs that we wrote several years ago for other people’s blogs. Some of them have become lost in the mists of time or they have just faded away, as things do. This one was written for Orkneyjar. It’s an excellent resource if you want to know about the history, archaeology and prehistory of the Orkney Islands.  We wrote very briefly about some of the potential archaeological evidence for making malt, malt sugars and ale from grain. I think that there must have been a strict limit on the number of words that we were allowed to write because, as I read this blog back to myself, it is far, far too brief in places! So now I’ve added a bit more detail, as well as putting in a few links to some papers and blogs for those who might want to read more about it. 

The original blog is here. This blog is different. It’s an update, inspired by and including some of the original. Perhaps it has a slightly pompous title, I don’t know. The thing is: if archaeologists want a mysterious ancient ritual then here’s a good one to consider:

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