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Turn Free Services into Paid Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Wolfgang Ulaga, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing, and Stefan Michel, Dean of the IMD Executive MBA programme | December 7, 2018 nstead of blindly givng away complementary services, B2B companies should make a strategic decision on whether to kill it, bill it or keep it free. Offering free services may seem like a good way to keep customers happy, but how

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When CSR Is Mostly for Show

Xiaowei Rose Luo, INSEAD Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, and Danqing Wang, HKUST Business School Assistant Professor of Management | August 24, 2020 Under pressure to be good corporate citizens, politically endorsed firms in emerging markets often prefer to cut a cheque for a cause than adopt greener practices. In developed economies, consumers have been saying it loud and clear: Corporate

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Blockchain Is Changing How Companies Can Engage with Customers

Changing how an organization conducts its core business — such as launching new services or reorganizing for greater efficiency — is really hard. Executives often don’t want change, because they’re weary of the costs and risks associated with embracing innovation. While market forces may compel companies to transform themselves, disruptive technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence provide a powerful catalyst

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